Homemade Mexican food

Our Story


When the Mendez family came to the United States from their hometown of Merida, Mexico they brought with them their favorite spices from the Yucatan Peninsula. These spices lend a unique flavor to the authentic Mexican dishes they serve. The Mendez family has been serving up homemade Mexican food to the public for more than 25 years. Starting as a taqueria in Los Angeles in 1984 and then moving to Salt Lake City in 1993 where the restaurant became a sit down, family-style establishment, Cancun Cafe remains family owned and operated with three generations now working side by side. Cancun Cafe serves high quality, homemade, Mexican cuisine at affordable prices and never uses animal fat. From the Mendez family to yours, Bienvenidos y buen provecho!
Our Vision

Homemade Recipes made with only the finest ingredients

Only the best fresh ingredients go into our meals


Recipes passed down and recreated to give you the flavor of homemade Mexican food


Enjoy the flavors from the Yucatan peninsula
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